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About MixKwik

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Kip Blair, Founder

Kip Blair invented the MixKwik Spray Paint Shaker in his hometown of Victor, Idaho in 2008. He came up with the idea while mixing paint for a job one day. Since then, his product, along with the MixKwik Mix Tube, has gained global attention. 


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Getting Started

With help from the Head of New Product Development at Boise State University, Steve Hatten, Kip was able to get his product off the ground. Steve and his team at BSU created the original prototype of the MixKwik Spray Paint Shaker for Kip. 

Now Kip builds and ships all of his products directly from Victor. The MixKwik Spray Paint Shaker and Mix Tube are designed and built right here in Idaho.



About the Products


MixKwik Spray Paint Shaker

This premier aerosol can mixer is portable and custom-made to attach to an electric, reciprocating saw. Handshaking a can just doesn't mix the product well enough. It can leave up to 20 percent of the product wasted by the time you are done and it's tiring! So, Kip came up with a solution. 

The MixKwik Spray Paint Shaker allows you to blend a can of paint in seconds, and you will be able use up the entire can. This shaker can fit a range of aerosol can sizes, and it can even handle large ground-marking locator sizes. 

MixKwik-ShakerTube_Product 1.jpg

MixKwik Mix Tube

It isn't just spray paint users who need to mix their paint before using it. Kip invented the Mix Tube for people who need to mix smaller bottles of paint or ink, like crafting paint, tattoo ink, and more. Just pop the Mix Tube right into the shaker attachment and it will mix these small paint bottles in seconds too!