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MixKwik Applications

The MixKwik Spray Paint Shaker and Mix Tube can be used in so many different situations. We've listed a few of the applications here that the products can and already are being used in.

MixKwik Spray Paint Shaker

Aerosol Spray Art Community

The blend in spray paint for an artist is critical. The MixKwik will mix a spray paint can in a matter of seconds. For artists who spend their days with their arms raised, saving this time and energy can make a great difference!

Automotive Specialists

Ever painted a car? The MixKwik can help with that too! Guarantee a good paint mixing before you start applying that first coat.

Athletic Fields

Whether the mascot is being spray painted onto the field or the lines need touched up, it's no question that schools go through a lot of spray paint.

Golf Courses

Golf courses need to be pristine. Getting that spray paint blended perfectly can really make the difference.

Polyurethane Foam

If you've ever done construction, put in a new window, laid carpet, or upholstered furniture, you've probably used polyurethane foam and you know how hard those cans are to shake. Save yourself some time and energy by using the MixKwik to shake and mix polyurethane foam.

MixKwik Mix Tube


It's important to mix your paint before you start painting your craft projects. Shaking those tiny tubes can be a hassle. The MixKwik Mix Tube can help.

Model Builders

The paint for models comes in small tubes that need mixed up before you start. How do you guarantee a good mix job for your modeling paint? Blend modeling paint with the Mix Tube.


The Mix Tube can help taxidermists too. The paint required for the finer details needs quality mixing for quality looks.

Leather Craftsmen

If you add painting decals to your leatherwork or need to mix the products that you work with, then the Mix Tube can help you too


E-liquids (vegetable glycerin) need to be blended well. The Mix Tube is the perfect tool to mix the liquids quickly and efficiently.